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Coffee, Cows & Crops

Sharing ideas supported by sound science and practical wisdom.


Join host Johanna Murray and the staff of Peace Country Beef and Forage Association, a producer directed agriculture research association, for discussions about better ways to produce food and manage your farm or ranch.

New episodes drop every other Tuesday. Keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all new updates!

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4. Grazing Perennials with Andrea Hanson

In this episode, Johanna discusses using perennials for forage and extending the grazing season with rancher and beef extension specialist Andrea Hanson.

For more information on High Legume Grazing check out the Alberta agriculture fact sheet here:$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/aet16292/$FILE/high-legume-pasture-learnings.pdf

Other Podcasts

Stories from the Peace

in Collaboration with Rural Routes to Climate Solutions

Johanna Murray co-hosts interviews with Curt Hale and Ash Armstrong. Two regenerative farmer/ranchers from the Peace Country with stories of regenerative agriculture, taking risks and pursuing goals.

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