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Current Research Projects

2023 Fairview Research Farm Trials & Demonstrations

PCBFA's Research Farm is located 2 miles west of Fairview on Highway 64A, and north ¾ of a mile on Range Road 35. The majority of our research is on the south side of the farm, bordering the Fairview Airport.

 Small Plot Demos and Trials

  • Living Lab Biostimulants - Wheat

    • In this trial we are studying the effects of biostimulants for use in cash cropping, this year the Biostimulants will be applied to Wheat

  • Perennial Cereals

    • This trial will be studying the effects of intercropping perennial wheat (Kernza) and perennial Rye (ACE 1) with perennial legumes.

  • Perennial Ecosystems

    • This project is managed by a University of Alberta Master's Student and is looking at the soil functions under perennials in addition to forage yield and quality. 

  • Ecotea - Wheat

    • This trial studies the yield and quality effects of Ecotea products on grain and oilseed production

  • Covers & Co small plot cocktail crop fertility Demo

  • Wheat Commission UAN Rates and Seeding Rate Trials

  • Penergetic Trials

Field Scale Demonstrations at the Research Farm

  • This year we have 3 fieldscale demonstrations at the research farm.

  • Green Manure

    • Our north field will be seeded to a green-manure cocktail crop this year for living lab data collection

  • Covers & Co

    • A part of the south side of the research farm will be dedicated to a fieldscale trial of Covers & Co Mixtures

  • PCBFA Field scale trials

    • Testing Spring Wheat & Fall rye mix, Clover & Spring Wheat intercrop, and Wheat Monocrop


2023 Saddle Hills Variety Trials

Saddle Hills Variety Trials

  • Near Fourth Creek Community Hall,

  • In this trial we will be studying varieties of Wheat, Barley, Peas and Canola for their performance in the Saddle Hills region

Rejuvenation Trials

  • Working with Saddle Hills County we will be testing various methods of pasture and Hayland rejuvenation.

2023 On Farm Trials & Demonstrations

Peace Region Living Lab Trials


PCBFA is pleased to be working with a number of fantastic producers through the Peace Region Living Lab and other projects to test our research and other new practices at a larger scale.


in 2023 our on-farm trials include:

Living Lab sites testing:


Sod Seeding,

Bale grazing,

Rotational Grazing,

Composting & Vermiculture

For more information on the Peace Region Living Lab, check out the home page here:

Soil Health Benchmark

This province-wide project is continuing this year, for the purpose of establishing a soil health benchmark database representing points across Alberta. The project examines how management practices affect soil health.

For More information on PCBFA's Past trials, check out our annual reports or our blog:

For More info on current trials, or to suggest a research project or topic, Get in touch!

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