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ASB Environmental Project: On-farm Soil Nutrient & Health Assessments

Research Coordinator: Dr. Akim Omokanye

Research Technician: Dr. Lekshmi Sreekumar

From: Peace Country Beef & Forage Association 2016 Annual Report

The PCBFA has been actively involved in the facilitation and delivery of the ASB Environmental Program for Big Lakes County, Clear Hills County, MD of Fairview, MD of Peace, MD of Spirit River, Saddle Hills County and Birch Hills County. For the last ASB Environmental Program (2014-2016), which involved on-farm soil nutrient budgeting and mapping, PCBFA identified 6 livestock and cropping operations across the Peace Country for the project. Baseline and subsequent yearly data on water and soil were collected from these sites from 2014 - 2016. The goal is to decrease water body/source and riparian area contamination in the Peace Country by creating awareness of nutrients, nutrient distribution, collection and management on farm from wintering sites to pastures and crop land. This report presents a summary of our findings.


For this project, we worked with the producers listed in Table 1. The production systems examined are also shown in Table 1. Soil particle size analysis carried out in 2014 showed that the soil texture of the sites used was mostly silt clay (Table 2).