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About Us


Peace Country Beef & Forage Association, formerly known as North Peace Forage Association, was founded in 1982 by livestock producers in the Fairview and Hines Creek area for the purpose of demonstrating new forage varieties and technology in the Peace Country. PCBFA has continued to grow into a dedicated applied-research and extension association, currently serving 10 Municipal Districts and Counties across Northern Alberta's Peace Region.

Mission Statement  

The Peace Country Beef & Forage Association is a producer-led organization serving the Peace Country Beef and Forage producers.  We provide regionally relevant research and extension that supports producers to implement environmentally and socioeconomically viable farming practices.


Our vision is to collect and provide innovative and credible information to our members.

Producer Driven

Having worked in the Peace Country for many years, we have established ourselves as a innovative association, willing to work with local businesses, educational facilities, other research groups and always with producers from across the Peace region.

Our program ranges from environmental concerns to finding the newest technology and helping producers to implement it in their operations.

Our board is formed from producers across the Peace Region, who can actively voice questions, ideas and concerns to address the needs of the beef industry in the Peace.


Working with Municipal Districts & Counties

Peace Country Beef & Forage Association also spends a great deal of time listening and working in conjunction with M.D.’s and Counties across the Peace. They provide us with not only funding, but invaluable insight into their local areas and the needs of the producers.

Core Values
  1. Passionate – Our team approaches every task with fervent dedication and unwavering commitment, fueled by a deep passion for our mission. We enjoy supporting passionate members, producers, and directors too!

  2. Collaborative – We foster a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives converge, inviting each stakeholder to contribute their unique insights for collective success.

  3. Beneficial –  Our endeavors are driven by the belief that every action we take should lead to beneficial outcomes, enriching the farms, livestock and families of those we serve.

  4. Forward-Thinking – Embracing innovation and foresight, we strive to pioneer solutions that propel us towards a brighter future, guided by our forward-thinking approach.

  5. Accountable – We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of integrity and transparency, cultivating trust and reliability in all our interactions.


Our Services Include

Applied research  // Extension publications & events // Feed testing & analysis // Soil testing & analysis  // Pasture assessments  // Much more...

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