PCBFA's Upcoming Events

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Farm Transition Planning with Elaine Froese

November 18th, 2022

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Western Canada Conference on Soil Health & Grazing

December 13-15th, 2022

Our Partner's Upcoming Events

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Building a Farm Transition Team

October 11th 12pm MST

Successful farm transition planning is a team effort. In this session, identify who’s on your professional advisory team and what skills and expertise are needed to fill the gaps.


Low Stress Livestock Handling with Dylan Biggs

October 13 9am MST

Join the North Peace Applied Research Association for an in-person event held just north of Manning (4 miles west off of highway 35).

Dylan Biggs (TK Ranch) will be conducting a live demonstration on the basics of good handling techniques, and delve further into low-stress techniques.

Event starts at 9am and will run to 3pm. Lunch included.


Low Stress Livestock Handling with Dylan Biggs

October 15 9am MST

Live demonstration includes:

  • How to think like a cow & understanding why cows do what they do.

  • Understanding how our natural instincts can be counterproductive when working with

  • The building blocks for training your herd to be manageable, and the basic skills of
    good handling.

  • Where, when, and how to pressure the flight zone of a herd animal.

  • Training your herd to drive. Gaining control of herd direction. Controlling herd speed.

  • Coordinating people for a successful move.

  • Moving livestock trough gates and dealing with obstacles.


Nutrition Part Two: Hitting the Bullseye with Targeted Feeding

October 19th 7pm

Join the Beef Cattle Research Council for a Beef Nutrition Webinar as experts discuss how to feed your cattle for performance, and the targets to aim for.

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Ranching for Profit

November 13-19,

Join Foothills Forage and Grazing Association for a Ranching for Profit School in Okotoks this November!

Check out SARDA's Events Page for more great upcoming events in the Peace Region!