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Environmental Farm Plan

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, whole farm, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate identified risks. We are working together with farmers committed to environmental stewardship. EFP completion is required as a prerequisite for some grant funding, such as GF2 On-Farm Stewardship Program.



Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership

To support continued innovation, growth and prosperity, the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) has launched its programs. This 5‐year (2023-2028), $3.5 billion investment includes $1 billion in federal programs and activities and $2.5 billion in cost-shared programs and activities by federal-provincial-territorial governments. The Sustainable CAP framework represents a cost-shared federal-provincial investment of $508 million over 5 years towards strategic programs and services for the agriculture and agri-food industry in Alberta

There are several funding opportunities currently open for producers and grazing reserves under the SCAP program. The program will continue to roll out until 2028

Sustainable CAP represents the fifth pan-Canadian agreement on agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products policy:

  • Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (2023-2028)

  • Canadian Agricultural Partnership (2018-2023)

  • Growing Forward 2 (2013-2018)

  • Growing Forward (2008-2013)

  • Agriculture Policy Framework (2003-2008)

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