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Feed Testing Program

Feed Testing Policy, 2023

PCBFA is pleased to offer feed testing services for Peace Country producers.

General Information
● Current PCBFA members receive two free feed tests with their annual membership

● All samples are sent to Central Testing Laboratory in Winnipeg.
● The basic forage sample package includes analysis of the major nutrients. o
Additional tests can be added, such as for nitrates, mold, mycotoxins, trace
minerals, etc. and will be invoiced to producers at cost
● Members are welcome to submit more than two samples and will be invoiced at
feed test cost.
● Non-members are welcome to submit samples and will be invoiced at feed test
cost (memberships are available to be purchased at any time if a producer would
like to receive the two free tests)

Feed Test

Members receive 2 Free BASIC Feed Samples for Hay, Grain or Silage per year.

● NIR testing is available for: Grass Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Alfalfa/Grass Mix
Hay, Alfalfa Silage, Alfalfa/Grass Mix, Silage, Barley Silage, Corn
Silage and Cereal Silage.

● Wet Chemistry is available for all feedstuffs, however, any feedstuff
not listed under NIR will have to go through Wet Chemistry.


Additional Tests Available (At Cost)

● Feed Quality for Horses
● Nitrate Add-on
● Selenium Add-on
● Mold Count Add-on
● Rush Shipping

▪ PCBFA waits for at least 6 samples to ship to the lab. If you require
results prior to PCBFA receiving 6 samples, you will be charged $50 for
rush shipping.

Prices are subject to change if changed by the laboratory.

Collected Samples
● Samples should be packed in large ziploc bags that are labeled with:
   o Producer Name
   o Date
   o Feed Identification
● PCBFA has several feed testing probes available in our Fairview Office. Producers
are encouraged to use a probe for 24-hours. The use of a PCBFA probe is free
with a $200 fully refundable deposit. The following Agriculture Service Boards
also have probes available for their ratepayers to use; contact each office for
o Saddle Hills County
o Big Lakes County
o M.D. of Greenview

● Silage and haylage samples should be kept cool if going to be sent in right away
and frozen if they’ll need to be stored for more than 12 hours.

● Probes and samples can be dropped off at the following locations:
   o Fairview Research Farm
   o M.D. of Greenview Ag Services Building in Valleyview
   o Saddle Hills County Office
   o County of Grande Prairie Ag Services Building

● Turn around time to receive feed test results is expected to be approximately 3
weeks, possibly longer at the peak of feed testing season this fall
● Results will be sent to each producer via email or other requested method
● PCBFA staff members will be available to assist with interpreting results and
advising on ration balancing guidelines

Once the majority of the feed tests have been completed for the season, PCBFA logs the feed quality data to gain a better understanding of the feed quality across the Peace Country.

For any questions regarding the feed testing program please contact PCBFA staff
for further information.

phone: 780-523-4033

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