Upcoming Event
7th Annual Field Day at the Research Farm

Mark you Calendars for our 7th Annual Field Day at the Research Farm!

Thursday, August 5th

10am - 4pm

Fairview Research Farm

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This year's Field Day will be bigger and better than ever! Join us in touring over 1,200 small research plots, and hear from industry experts in Nutrition, Cover Crops, Perennial Management, Electric Fencing, and More!

Meet Our Presenters

Akim Omokanye is currently the Research Coordinator at Peace Country Beef & Forage Association, and has held this position since August 2009.

As a trained systems research agronomist with an interdisciplinary background, Akim loves talking to producers about crop and livestock production practices, production issues and future research project ideas. Producers drive Akim’s research activities and are a fantastic resource in generating research ideas here in the Peace Country River region and for collaborative research overseas.


Akim is also an Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Science since 2012. Akim is also adjunct professor at the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta.

Kevin Elmy has been working with regenerative agriculture on his farm for twenty years, working with cover crops since 2008.


Kevin coaches producers across western Canada along their regenerative ag journey understanding that everyone will have a unique path while using the soil health principles (reduced tillage, reduced use of synthetics, increase plant diversity, maintaining a plant in the vegetative stage as long as possible, and livestock integration).


Currently, Kevin is the Cover Crop Consultant for Imperial Seeds.


Barry Yaremcio was raised on a mixed farm in northeastern Alberta. He completed a Bachelors degree in Agriculture specializing in Animal Science from the University of Alberta in 1984. He then worked for Alberta Agriculture as a District Agriculturalist, Laboratory Nutritionist, and Provincial Beef Nutritionist. In 1994, he left Alberta Agriculture to work in the private sector for various companies.


In 2009 he completed a Master’s Degree in Animal Science (nutrition), evaluating the amount of feed waste by various feed delivery systems and the impact it had on the quality of feed consumed.

In March of 2020, he started Yaremcio Ag Consulting Ltd. as an independent ruminant nutritionist and production management consultant.

Karin Lindquist grew up on a mixed farm near Barrhead, AB, with backgrounding/stocker beef steers and growing barley and canola for feed and cash crop. Her interest in agriculture took her to the University of Alberta, where she obtained a BSc in Agriculture with an Animal Science major. Though Karin graduated in June 2015, she has worked for the university as a research assistant both with the Rangeland Research Institute and at the Breton Plots the following summer with crop and soil science research. She also worked as a forage-beef specialist from Alberta Agriculture’s Ag-Info Centre office in Stettler for over four years. She worked part-time as a general assistant for a large animal veterinarian.

All this experience has helped Karin develop a great passion for plant identification, rangeland and pasture management, grazing practices, forage and beef production, and the natural environment.