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Farm Transition Planning

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Join us as we welcome Farm Transition Expert, Elaine Froese to the Peace Region for a full day Succession Planning Workshop!


Farm succession is a tough topic. We are excited to welcome Elaine Froese back to the Peace Region for her famous one-day workshop: Finding Fairness in Farm Transition. Through this workshop, Elaine will give attendees tips and pointers for successfully working through the 'undiscussabull'. Don't miss this chance to see Canada's Farm Whisperer in person!

For a Sneak Peak of this Session, Listen into our Coffee Cows & Crops Episode with Elaine Here

Date: November 18th

Location: Chateau Nova, Peace River

Time: 10am - 3:30pm

Cost: $75/Person

$140/Farm Pair

First 60 people to register receive Elaine's book Farm Family Coach Insights free!

What is Provided: Farm Transition Planning Workbook, Lunch & Refreshments

What to Bring: Notebook, Pen, Cell Phone (to text Elaine your questions during the session)

Spread the Word! Please share our Facebook Event with anyone who may be interested!

About Elaine

Farmers and ranchers in transition need tools to help them talk about tough issues,
be heard, get clarity of expectations, and to act! Elaine Froese has coached over
1000 families helping decrease their anxiety over the uncertainty of their future. She
has authored 5 books, including the one most helpful to women, “Farming’s In-Law

Elaine is a Wilson Loree Excellence in Farm Management award winner, who
provides practical tools and roadmaps to find fairness in farm transition.
4-H Canada chose her to be their first Most Distinguished Alumna recipient. She is a
Manitoban Woman, Trailblazer, and U of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture Merit

Froese Family Farms, near Boissevain in Southwestern Manitoba, is her home base.
And, like many of you, she is also on the transition journey. Her successor son is

Faith Today magazine calls her “Canada’s Farm Whisperer.”
CBC radio calls her the “Dr. Phil for farmers.“
Penny, Ruby, and Read call her “Gramma.”

Elaine understands the culture of agriculture and is gifted at helping folks see great
outcomes and workable paths for their family farms.

Her mission is to help families find harmony through understanding.

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