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Annual Clover Variety Trial

Project Site: Fairview Research Farm (NW5-82-3W6) on RR #35, MD of Fairview.

Research Coordinator: Dr. Akim Omokanye

From: Peace Country Beef & Forage Association 2017 Annual Report

There is growing interest in using annual clover varieties for inclusion in cocktail mixtures and cereal intercropping systems in the Peace. The performance of some annual clovers in the area is well known, but it is important to test new clover varieties as they are introduced to the Peace. In the last 2-3 years, questions have been asked about the right type of clover with a good number of nodules, N fixing ability, good soil cover to control weeds in intercrops, and low growing/dwarf type for grain intercrops. Crimson clover is new to us in the Peace. PCBFA’s studies, and producers with experience growing crimson clover, have shown that it does well here.


To test the suitability of annual clover varieties for forage and crop production systems