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Comparison of Yield and Agronomic Performance of Common CWRS & CPSR Wheat Varieties

Collaborator/Funder: Alberta Wheat Commission

Trial Site: Fairview Research Farm (NW5-82-3W6) on RR #35, MD of Fairview.

Research Coordinator: Dr Akim Omokanye & Dr Lekshmi Sreekumar

The annual wheat production in Alberta is about 8.4 million tonnes, according to the recent Alberta Crop Production Statistics. Spring wheat alone accounts for about 88% of the total wheat production in Alberta. In the Peace Country, producers have a preference for early or medium maturing varieties that have high yield potential. Grain quality and incidence of pests and diseases are also important considerations. Every year, several new wheat varieties are registered. It is important to identify varieties that are suited to the Peace region. The wheat varieties grown in the Peace region are mainly from the Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) and Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat classes. Some of the most common varieties grown in the Peace region are Go Early, Stettler, CDC Landmark, CDC Stanley and Thorsby.