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On-Farm Evaluation of Corn, Millet and Sorgum for Yield, Quality and Grazing

Updated: May 10

Collaborating Producer: Odell & Lillian Raymond, Peace River Alberta

Research Coordinator: Dr. Akim Omokanye

From: Peace Country Beef & Forage Association 2011 Annual Report

There has been considerable interest in testing the grazing potential of warm season annual crops for their suitability in extending the grazing season in parts of the Peace. Reports from Peace region producers that have experience with grazing warm season crops, such as corn, have indicated that grazing cattle on corn can lower winter feed costs, reduce operating expenses and save time, as no harvesting is required and winter supplemental feeding is limited. In addition to these benefits, warm season crops like Proso and German millets can provide a high-yielding alternative to barley and oats, that can be utilized for greenfeed and swath grazing. Although, there are higher costs related to grazing warm season annual cereals, including high input costs of fertilizer and seed, the extension of the grazing season should still be considered an alternative low-cost method. The objectives of this trial were to evaluate warm season annual crop varieties for forage yield and quality and to examine the production cost of corn for grazing as a standing crop.