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Regional Silage Variety Trials: 1. Barley Varieties

Trial Site: Fairview Research Farm

Research Coordinator: Dr. Akim Omokanye

From: Peace Country Beef & Forage Association 2017 Annual Report

According to the Alberta Agriculture & Forestry publication “Barley Production in Alberta”, of the major cereal crops, barley is the most sensitive and responsive to the environment. Its wide distribution is the result of very wide genetic variation within the crop, with specific varieties adapted to specific environments. The Regional Silage Variety Trials (RSVTs) are replicated province wide and they are an important source of information for forage-based livestock production regarding the forage yield potential and quality performance of new crop varieties as they become available. The RSVTs are carried out in small plot replicated trials. PCBFA’s yearly trials provide unbiased, comprehensive information that assists producers to make better crop choices for silage or greenfeed production. The results from this site and other parts of the province will also be reported in the Alberta Seed Guide (


To identify barley varieties with superior forage yield and quality, for use as silage in beef cattle production systems.