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Testing of Perennial Forages: Forage Yields of 11 Grasses, 15 Legumes and 9 Mixtures

Funder: Alberta Beef Producers

Collaborators: Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA) & SARDA Ag Research

Project Site: High Prairie

Research Coordinator: Dr. Akim Omokanye

From: Peace Country Beef & Forage Association 2017 Annual Report

Perennial forages consisting of different grasses, legumes and grass/legume mixtures were seeded in 2016 in a province-wide project. Forages consisted of varieties which have been developed in recent years along with some older varieties. The project is intended to address the following ABP priority areas: (1) improved grazing, management and forage mixture strategies that optimize hay yields and beef production from native range and tame pastures, (2) quantification of varietal and species differences in the ability of grasses, legumes and annual forages to maintain nutritional quality throughout the grazing season and in extended stockpiled or swath grazing systems and (3) evaluation of yield, nutrient profile and animal performance of new forage varieties in geographical regions beyond the development region. This project will provide farmers and ranchers in Alberta with performance information on a number of perennial forages.

Measurements Taken in 2017

Project Site: High Prairie

The following field data collection was done:

a) plant height (cm) (June 30) & stage of maturity (June 30),

b) botanical composition for grass/legume mixes only (June 30) and