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Virtual Grazing Conference

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Hear from grazing and pasture experts on how to make the best of your grazing season this year!

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Dr Kris Nichols - Grazing to Improve Soil Health

Date: Friday, January 7th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

Dr. Kris Nichols is a leader in the movement to regenerate soils for healthy crops, food, people and a planet. She has done extensive work focused on mycorrhizal fungi and the investigation of glomalin – a substance produced by AM (arbuscular mycorrhizal) fungi. Previously, Dr. Nichols was the Chief Scientist at Rodale Institute and a Research (Soil) Microbiologist with the USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS).

Allen Williams - Implementing Adaptive Grazing

Date: Friday, January 14th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

Allen Williams and his colleagues specialize in whole-farm & ranch planning based on the concept of regenerative agriculture. Their approach creates significant “value add” and prepares landowners for multiple enterprise/revenue stream opportunities that stack enterprises and acres. This approach allows for enhanced profitability and investment value.

Dr Martin Entz - Organic Grazing

Date: Friday, January 21st

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

Martin Entz is professor of Cropping Systems & Natural Systems Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. He leads the Glenlea Long-Term Rotation Study – Canada’s oldest organic vs conventional farming systems experiment. He is also founder of the U of M’s Natural Systems Agriculture program, studying systems based on processes found in nature — specifically the natural grassland ecosystem of the Canadian Prairies.

Dylan Biggs - Cattle Handling on Pasture

Date: Friday, January 28th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

​Jim Gerrish - Year-Round Grazing

Date: Friday, February 4th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

​Dallas Mount - Economic Leverage of Grazing Management

Date: Friday, February 11th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

Dallas Mount has sat at hundreds of kitchen tables and delivered workshops to thousands of ranchers across the US, Canada, and Australia to help them improve the profitability and overall health of their businesses. He has hands-on experience working in cow-calf, yearling, feedlot and hay enterprises. Dallas currently serves as CEO of RMC leading the Ranching For Profit School, creating profitable businesses, with healthy land and happy families.

Dr Akim Omokanye - Forage Mixes from the Peace & Making your own Mixes

Date: Friday, February 18th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST

Sean McGrath - Grazing Perennial Pasture in Northern Alberta

Date: Friday, February 25th

Time: 7pm MST - 9pm MST